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Where should I Invest?
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The bulk of your investment assets are likely in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

There you are limited to the investment selection offered. Fees are not transparent. Expenses matter. Consider the cost of each fund offered in determining where to direct your salary deferrals. Encourage your employer to include low cost alternatives.

What about IRAs and other accounts?

We advocate low cost, no load mutual funds. The less you pay the more you keep! Among this subset of mutual funds, one company distinguishes itself.


  • Unique ownership structure. The mutual funds own the company. As a shareholder of a Vanguard mutual fund, you are an owner. Like Credit Unions, Vanguard’s ownership structure is designed to serve you.
  • It’s the lowest cost provider of passively managed mutual funds in the Retail world and among the inexpensive of actively managed offers.
  • Rewards employees for their efforts to reduce costs to the shareholders.
  • Compelling offerings across asset classes and investment styles.
  • Business is diversified across Retail, Institutional, Intermediary and Retirement plan platforms.


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Where should I save?

 Where should I invest?