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Unclaimed Property
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States are sitting on literally millions and millions of dollars of unclaimed property that they wish to reunite with rightful owners. These may be uncashed checks, unclaimed inheritances, forgotten accounts, etc that have been escheated to the state after a 3-5 year period of inactivity.  

While many are happy to charge to look on your behalf, it's easy and FREE to do so on the internet.

  • Search in every state you have lived
  • In addition to your full name, search using just your last name as well as your first initial + last name
  • Search under any names you once used
  • Repeat your search once a year for any state you haved in during the past 5-6 years

The U.S. Treasury does not escheat to the states.  Click here to learn how to search for lost savings bonds.

Alabama                                                                Montana

Alaska                                                                   Nebraska

Arizona                                                                 Nevada

Arkansas                                                                New Hampshire

California                                                              New Jersey                                       

Colorado                                                               New Mexico    

Connecticut                                                           New York

Delaware                                                               North Carolina

District of Columbia                                                North Dakota

Florida                                                                   Ohio

Georgia                                                                 Oklahoma

Hawaii                                                                  Oregon

Idaho                                                                    Pennsylvania

Illinois                                                                   Rhode Island

Indiana                                                                  South Carolina

Iowa                                                                     South Dakota

Kansas                                                                   Tennessee

Kentucky                                                               Texas

Louisiana                                                               Utah

Maine                                                                    Vermont

Maryland                                                                Virginia

Massachussets                                                        Washington

Michigan                                                               West Virginia

Minnesota                                                             Wisconsin

Mississippi                                                             Wyoming



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