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Its all about choices...
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How you allocate your income should reflect your goals for a secure financial future. While you may tweak targets to your individual appetites, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Housing                                                25% of Gross Income

(Rent or Principal + Interest, Property Taxes, Homeowner's Insurance and Homeowner's Association/Condo fees)

  • Retirement Savings                               15% of Gross Income

(This 15% includes your employer contribution--and the target is higher if you are just beginning to save in your late 30s or later.)

Spending money without respect to your values and goals does not end well. Your spending plan should reflect your priorities.

It's all about choices...  If you are properly funding retirement and building Emergency reserves, not overspending on housing, avoiding debt and paying what Uncle Sam says is his due... it doesn’t matter where the rest of your money goes.

The choices you make today impact opportunities in the future.

If you are the kind of person who wants a new car every few years... that's ok
as long as you understand that it may mean spending less on housing or other things. Remember compromising retirement savings is not an option.

Likewise, you can forgo new cars and extravagant vacations in order to send your child to private school and/or save for college. Sacrificing retirement is not an option.

So here’s what it looks like…

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