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People who plan feel more confident in retirement!
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Independence and Dignity are the outcomes of a successful Retirement Income Plan.

Decisions you need to make:

1) When can you retire?

2) Will you work during retirement?

3) When to begin taking Social Security?

4) Should you purchase Long Term Care Insurance vs. relying on family members and Medicaid?

5) What role do immediate annuities have in your Retirement Income Plan?

6) How should your wealth be invested? How much market risk should you take?

7) Where will early retirees access health insurance? Once eligible for Medicare, how do you determine which Medigap policy to purchase.

Employers are required to keep you on their health care plan past age 65 if you are still working--the exception is for businesses with less than 20 employees. If you remain on your employer's plan, you should not need Medicare Part B. You have up to 8 months after retiring to enroll in Medicare Part B. However, sign up for Medicare Part A once eligible at age 65. It's free.

8) Do you still need life insurance?

9) Regarding your home: will you move, should you pay off your mortgage, downsize, take out a home equity loan or a reverse mortgage? Have you considered a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

10) How and when to take pension benefits? (lump sum vs. single life vs. survivor options)

You might also need to determine:

  • The timing of distributions from Non Qualified Executive Benefits
  • When and how to sell a business
  • How to accommodate legacy bequests

You need to make informed decisions. Where you will get advice? What professionals will you consult? Who will you trust? Will the high cost of advice deplete your assets?

Research shows that compensation influences the recommendations advisors make.

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