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It is extraordinarily difficult to recover from mistakes…
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 Challenges include:
  • Transitioning from work to your early, active retirement, then to middle retirement-- when lifestyle slows to finally late retirement--characterized by diminished capacity and physical limitations.
  •  Making the mind shift from building wealth during working years to spending during retirement is monumental.
  • Meeting the financial demands of dependent parents and adult children without compromising your own financial security.
  • Reserving sufficient financial assets to preserve dignity through the end of life.


How will you...

  • Know how much you can spend?

  • Turn your assets into an income stream?
  •  Make sure basic living needs and health care costs are met during retirement?

  • Stress test your plan for unexpected events?

  • Manage risks: longevity, market, inflation, the cost of health care, long term care and early death?

  • Incorporate successful tax strategies to increase your odds of success?

  • Avoid legal mistakes?
  • Preserve dignity
  •  Make trade offs between:

Income and wealth

Portfolio income and investment risk  (less consumption vs. possibility of more consumption)

Liquidity and Income Guarantees

Capital preservation and maintaining purchasing power

Current Lifestyle vs. End of Life Dignity and Legacy

Revocable decisions and those that can't be changed


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