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When Rents provide a source of income...

There is no question that savvy investments in real estate have paid off.  But real estate has its drawbacks:

1)  Real estate is illiquid.  It can take time to get your money.

2)  Renters can be a headache.  They won't take care of the property like you do, may not pay on time, evictions can take months.

3)  Vacancies and expensive repairs can drain your cash flow.  Fixing a broken toilet at midnight or trying to get emergency furnace repairs on Christmas may be in your future.


If rental real estate is part of your retirement portfolio:

  • What is your projected rental income stream?
  • How will rents increase in the future?
  • Have you netted out reasonable costs for repairs, vacancies and unexpected expenses?
  • Have you considered an exit strategy? At what point would you sell?  It could be at a particular property value or when the challenges of age make managing the property difficult. 
  •  Is your surviving spouse capable of managing or disposing of the properties in the event of your passing?

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