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To ROTH or not to ROTH...
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ROTHs are the greatest thing since sliced bread

Here's how they work:

You contribute money to a ROTH IRA or a ROTH employer-sponsored plan on an after-tax basis.  This means you do not get a current income tax deduction--but (as long as Congress does not change the law and you follow the rules), you NEVER PAY TAXES AGAIN.

ROTHs make a lot of sense the younger you are and the lower your tax bracket.  Contribute to a ROTH if you think you are in a lower tax bracket now than you will be in the future.

But we think you can make a strong case for the ROTH in any tax bracket.

If you are among the approximately 40% who do not pay Federal Income Taxes, the ROTH is a no-brainer.

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