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Believe in your Dreams!

How to fund other goals is no different than those we have already reviewed.

  • Determine how much you need.
  • Determine when you need it.
  • Divide the amount needed with the number of months until goal arrives to determine how much to save each month.
  • If that is unrealistic, give yourself more time.
  • Consider your risk tolerance and willingness to postpone the goal in deciding which LifeStrategy Fund to use: Income, Conservative Growth, Moderate Growth or Aggressive Growth. The further away the goal is, the more risk you should be able to take.
  • As the date approaches, reduce the risk by transferring balances into more conservative LifeStrategy Funds and finally Savings Accounts, Money Markets, and CDs.

Other Goals are often the finer things in life:

  Vacation homes
Dream vacations
Boats, RVs, etc.
  Whatever you can dream!


We hope they don’t take priority over building cash reserves and a secure retirement. But the choice is yours.

If you are on track with your other goals AND have cash left over that you don't want to blow, consider opening an Opportunity Fund for that dream that you don't yet know you have.


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