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The first step towards financial independence
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Tracking spending is the first step to managing your money. Otherwise your money manages you. Most of us don’t know where our money goes… and are shocked at how much designer coffees, daily lunches and other items drain our cash flow.

It's true that as long as you are "paying yourself first, not overspending on housing, avoiding debt and paying Uncle Sam his due... it doesn’t matter where the rest of your money goes”.

While it may not matter to us, it may mean a lot to you.

Figuring out where your money goes now enables you to make decisions about where you wish to deploy it in the future.

  • More life insurance to protect your family?
  • Larger emergency fund to ensure financial security?
  • Increased investing for retirement or saving for other goals?

So get in charge and get tracking!

Click here for a Spending Plan workbook.


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