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Saying "I Do"
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Congratulations on your commitment to share your life with your beloved! While we believe that marriage is much more than a financial partnership, money has a big impact on relationships.

Be sure to have a long discussion about money prior to saying "I do”. It is important to understand your chosen one’s hopes, goals and dreams regarding the future.

  • Where do you want to live?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want?
  • Do you have any debt?
  • If so, how much?
  • What assets do you have?
  • Do you want children?
  • If so, how many?
  • Will one of you take time from the work force to raise a family?
  • Are you willing to support the other while he or she funds an education or starts a business?
  • Does one partner’s career take priority over the other's?
  • Can you deal with the demands of your partner’s chosen career?
  • Are you willing to relocate for your partner’s career?
  •  How important is charitable giving?
  • Ideally, what does life look like in 10 years? 20? In retirement?

You would be surprised how many people get married without discussing these important issues… all of which impact the family finances.

In the spirit of full disclosure, each of you should pull your credit report from and a complete a balance sheet listing your current assets and liabilities to share and discuss.  These will reveal volumes about your intended’s attitude toward spending, debt and savings.

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