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Protecting you from the Unexpected
When the unexpected happens, it can have devastating effects on our financial lives.  A proper risk protection plan is essential.

Your risk management plan combines accepting the risk you can afford and transferring risk you cannot:

Self insure for high frequency, low cost events that you can absorb via your Emergency Fund

  • Damage to cell phones, televisions and other property
  • Minor car damage
  • Extended warranties, rust protection, etc.
  • Short-term disability
  • And so on

Buy insurance for low frequency, high cost "catastrophic” events you cannot

  • Major medical issues
  • Loss of income due to disability or illness
  • Car totaled
  • Devastating lawsuit
  • House destroyed
  • Death
  • Prohibitive cost of quality long-term care

NOTE: Credit insurance and mortgage insurance protect the lender rather than you. Consider purchasing only if you are uninsurable via conventional life and disability insurances.

A bullet-proof risk protection plan can be expensive. Cash flow may limit the protection you can realistically afford. You may have to make tough decisions regarding what risk you retain vs. that which you transfer.

In general, we prioritize insurance as follows:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Disability and Life insurance—both are essential, but disability is the priority if no one depends upon you financially
  3. Property & Casualty
  4. Long-Term Care

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