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Be realistic in estimating how long you will live
Most people underestimate how long they will live. Life expectancy calculators exacerbate this misconception as half of Americans will outlive the average life expectancy.

Among those who will likely live longer:

  • Women
  • Whites
  • Those with college educations
  • Those with healthy lifestyles

If you don’t die when you are supposed to, you run a serious risk of outliving your assets. It is very difficult to send a 90 year old back into the workforce.

We strongly recommend that you assume you will live at least until age 95.

NOTE:  Planning for couples is even more challenging, as we must consider both joint life expectancy and the risk of premature death. Hope for the best and expect the worst.  What happens if one spouse passes early and the other survives to a ripe old age? 

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