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Health Insurance
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Without health, you have nothing. Health insurance is about personal responsibility. Accidents and cancer happen even to the young and seemingly healthy. Those that love you will bankrupt themselves to get you the care you need. Don’t put them in that position.

Health insurance is available to the majority of Americans via:

  • private health insurance offered by an employer or individual plans
  • Medicaid for the low income
  • Medicare for those aged 65 or over
  • TRICARE for the military
  • Veteran's Administration for service-related illnesses
  • children’s health care programs
  • state-administered programs for those denied coverage (high risk insurance pools) and the poor

The four main types of health insurance are Health Maintenance Organizations, Point of Service Plans, Preferred Provider Organizations and Indemnity Plans.

Any of these can be structured as a High Deductible Health Care plan coupled with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account savings.

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