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In addition to fostering healthy money habits, here are the five destroyers of wealth we can help you fight...
  • Taxes:  Federal, state and local income taxes drain a significant portion of your earnings.
  • Inflation:  rising costs reduce purchasing power.
  • Fees:  Nickel-and-diming ATM fees, credit card overdraft fees, costly investment advice fees, etc. transfer wealth from your pocket to that of others.
  • Cost of Credit:  Low credit scores equal higher auto insurance premiums, cell phone rates as well as higher costs of borrowing to finance homes, cars, etc.  More and more employers are reviewing credit reports before extending job offers--thus a low score can be a "career limiting move" as well.
  • Inadequate risk protection plan:  Like the commercial says, "life comes at you fast".  Insufficient life, disability and liability insurances leave you vulnerable when something tragic and unexpected happens.


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