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Are you on track to fund your goals?

To achieve a secure financial future, funding retirement is your next goal.

1) Never walk away from free money. Do everything you can to contribute enough to your employer-sponsored retirement plan to receive the full employer match.

2) Your age, how much you have already invested for retirement and your risk tolerance determines how much you should be putting away.

       Quick rules of thumb, if you are just getting started and in your:

  • 20’s   15% of gross income (before taxes)
  • 30’s   20%
  • 40’s   25%
  • 50’s   35%

        If you consider yourself to be conservative, you should put away more.

NOTE:  We are providing you these numbers to give you guidelines, not guarantees. We believe you win financially by establishing healthy savings/investing habits. The goal is to find the right balance between enjoying today and preparing for the future.

Most important is just to get started ASAP!  If you can’t meet the above targets, do what you can and increase your contributions whenever possible until you are on track.

Remember to include your retirement funding in your spending plan.


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