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Like the rest of life, retirement is dynamic.  Use informed, realistic expectations regarding longevity, spending needs and sustainable withdrawal rates in determining when you can afford to retire.

Once you have determined you that you CAN afford to retire, examine your sources of income. Develop a strategy for turning on each of these "faucets" to minimize taxes, maximize income and enhance financial security in retirement.

The purpose of this module was to walk you through the decision to retire, optimize income and integrate a "paycheck" from diverse retirement income sources. We have offered rules of thumb and endeavored to provide you with information to make an informed decision. But there are no guarantees. This process is both art and science.

As we reminded you along the way, prepare to be flexible and adjust spending to reflect the health of your portfolio. Each year we will give you tools to monitor your plan and assess any changes to consider.

You are valued members of the community.  Thank you for entrusting us as a partner in planning your future!


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