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You've got a friend... in Dollar Cost Averaging
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To make money as an investor you have to buy low and sell high.

Dollar Cost Averaging helps you buy low.  When you Dollar Cost Average, you invest a set amount of money on the same date each month regardless of price. Over time you buy more shares when the market is low ("on sale") and less when it is high ("expensive").  

The volatility that makes investing so scary is the best friend of the small investor! It gives you the opportunity to buy more shares when the market is cheap and beaten up, which will be the major source of your investment return.  As long as there is volatility and as long as the stock market rises over time, you will own more shares for the dollars invested by Dollar Cost Averaging.  

Dollar Cost Averaging is 50% of what is required to be a successful investor which is to buy low.  Now how do you consistently sell high?

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