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Whatever got you here, you are in the right place. You cannot achieve financial security when buried under consumer, auto or student loan debt.

Many Americans view debt as a way of life. disagrees. Debt is a lieA lie we let others tell us and we tell ourselves that we can afford things we can't. 

We are sold on payments, not cost.  Everything seems fine we lose our overtime, our job or some other emergency happens.  Now that debt and payment make us vulnerable.


  • tricks us into believing we can afford things we can’t
  • makes us pay more than the sticker price
  • often leads to buyer’s remorse
  • has a way of snowballing—they give you enough rope to hang yourself!
  • is the enemy of wealth

Things that increase in value (a home and sometimes an education) are the exception to this rule.

For anything else, why not just take your money and burn it?  The costs of borrowing are wasteful.  This money is better used to build wealth than purchase things that decline in value.


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