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Key Decisions
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Hopefully you have had a lot of time to consider what retirement looks like, determine priorities and visualize what you want to do... 

... and gotten on the same page with your partner.

Most of us are going to live a long time.  Many will need more care as we decline. Once work is no longer possible, if a problem presents itself...  the only options are to spend less or die sooner.

Focus on what you CAN impact.  You can't influence the returns of the stock market nor can you anticipate every personal crisis.  You can manage your behavior and modify expectations.

Boiling it down, here is what you need to agree upon:

  • When to retire? 
Now or later. If later, how much later?
  • At what level?
How will your standard of living have to be adjusted to accommodate that retirement date?
  • What risks are acceptable to keep? What risks need to be managed away?


Retirement Income planning requires an intertwined series of decisions and tradeoffs. is here to help you navigate the process.


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