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Forget diamonds. Nothing says LOVE like Life Insurance!
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Most Americans do not have enough life insurance.

According to MetLife, 2/3rds of survivors indicate that their partners’ death resulted in devastating or major financial impacts.

The most vulnerable are those who are younger (aged 30 to 50), women and children under 18. 

  • 80% of survivors report making at least one financial adjustment
  • 2/3rds report making at least three adjustments.  
  • 24% had to move
  • 45% took money from savings or retirement
  • 70% limited spending to food and rent
Finally, according to MetLife’s 2009 Premature Death Study, 2-5 years following their partners' death only 22% of survivors felt secure financially.

Industry insiders suspect that widespread under insurance may be because American's think what their employer provides is the right number.  Many firms provide a death benefit of a multiple of current salary (usually 1 times annual earnings) and employees assume this should be enough.  In plain terms, it is not. 

Your employer benefit does not know:

  • Whether or not you are married
  • If your spouse works
  • What your spouse earns or could earn if he or she re-entered the work force
  • For how many years you wish to provide for a surviving spouse
  • How much debt you have
  • How much wealth you have
  • How many children you have
  • Whether or not you want to provide for their education
  • What your dreams are for the future

In short, your employer benefit is just a number.  It knows nothing.  Do a life insurance needs analysis and make an informed decision to protect the ones you love most.

Fortunately, sufficient insurance coverage is available and affordable—provided you are healthy enough.

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